Sunday, May 25, 2008

PGCon 2008 - The PostgreSQL Conference

I am done with the PGCon 2008. This was my first pgcon and I am thrilled with the experience. There was such a great enthusiasm, not just about the software, but also about the community surrounding it. I think Postgres has a bright future ahead.

I got to attend my first developer meet. It was a good feeling to get invited for the meet. It's always great to know that all your hard work is being appreciated. The meeting went really well. I am amazed at the quality of discussion. Andrew did a great job to keep discussions focused and on-track.

Well, folks enjoyed the Yahoo and EnterpriseDB dinner. For me, it was a good chance to get socialize, but I always find myself misplaced at such places :-). Just so much beer and loud music!

Finally, I am done with my presentation on HOT. I'm always so nervous about public speaking. But I think I did a OK job, at least that's the feedback I received. I am sure the pgbench numbers must have astonished people. Well, the very next day, Fernando Ike presented his performance research. In the first few slides, I thought he is completely contradicting the numbers I presented the day before. But later he also confirmed the big (200-300%) performance jump with 8.3, when the tests are run for a very long time. Of course, these are pgbench numbers which are most suited for HOT. But nevertheless, those numbers are still important because that proves usefulness of HOT for such cases.

Right now, I am relaxing at Toronto. Tomorrow I go to Niagara Falls and head back to home. Missing it a lot.